We have submitted our dealer licensing information to the State and we are still in business!  Please tell your family, friends and fellow firearm enthusiasts.  
We can help you part with your old and unwanted firearms and get you top dollar out of them!  Please inquire.
Regarding the “dealer licensing law.”
While we don’t necessarily agree that, as a lawful & legal business in this state, we need yet another license to do business, this new tax or license fee will NOT deter us from continuing our business.
It is our position that this new fee is a cost of doing business and we will NOT be passing this expense onto our customers. Our transfer fees will remain at $30 for first time customers & $25 for returning customers. It is not our fault that the Governor targeted the little guys in an attempt to drive us out of business, but it certainly is not your fault for purchasing your firearms legally unlike the real issue in this state, the unpunished criminal.
We all agree that trying to drive gun stores out of business will not prevent illegal guns & illegal carriers but we will continue our business to make sure you, the law abiding citizen are able to legally purchase the firearm & exercise your Constitutional right.

On 22 AUG 2018, we celebrated our 1000th firearm transfer since April 2016!  Contact us for details on how this simple process can put the perfect self defense tool in your hands for less!


We are an approved FFL! Looking to buy or sell a firearm? We can help! Contact us at 224-323-0236 for more information. Come see us in Arlington Heights.  Normal Hours are 4-6 PM, Monday through Friday and weekends by appointment.  


Exciting news! Check Your 6 has teamed up with U.S. & Texas LawShield for your concealed carry insurance. Now that I am retired from the PD, I had to shop around for insurance for myself. This company has the best bang for your buck as I have discovered. Use the link below and use the promo code “checkyour6” for a great deal!!! Contact me for more details!
Copy and paste this link into your browser and have a look!

Learn basic pistol and marksmanship. Earn your concealed carry permit for IL which is recognized by 30 States! This training also fulfills the Requirement for the Florida CCW license which combined with the IL License gives you a total of 37 states that you can carry in!! We give you easy instructions on how to apply for Florida. We also offer basic AR-15 training and how to safely and accurately operate it. Use the PayPal button found on Firearm Instruction page to reserve a seat in the next CCW class.

Class deposits of $50.00 are non-refundable and are a MUST if you want to reserve a seat.

Rifle specials… looking for the perfect starter AR?  WE have it! Most Models are under $650 out the door. Call for details!   We have those hard to find Palmetto State Armory stripped lowers in stock!   PA-15.   $109.00 out the door! (Thanks to IL and CC taxes).  We are also in the process of acquiring Palmetto State Armory PA-10 rifles for $999.00 out the door!   Ask for details!

Need help cleaning a firearm?  Just bring it in (Cased and unloaded) and we will show you proper cleaning techniques.  Call ahead for an appointment.

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