Joyce R
“Thanks Sam for making the 16 hours not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Learned a lot & I passed. What more can I ask for?”
August 2014
Diana P 
“Thank YOU! It was a very well taught class Sam. You’re thorough, patient and laid back. You made me feel at ease and confident!”
November 2014
Angelica J 
“I agree with Diana P.  I’m grateful you believed in me when I didn’t. Your patience with me is very appreciated. Best instructor! “
 November 2014
Bob R 
“Great class. Great experience. Great instructor.”
March 2015
Henry P
“I took the IL Concealed Carry course from Sam. He was terrific: entertaining, serious on the law, and demanding on the shooting qualification. Lots of tips on how to be accurate and safe. Since then I have bought a gun from him. He is a thoroughgoing professional and caring individual.”
August 2018
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