We specialize in private IL Concealed Carry 16, 12 and 8 hour courses!  We have many private classes going on right now.  If you can’t come up with enough people for your own private class, We can usually get you into another private or public class.  Just ask!

This is THE BEST CCW training you can ask for!  This class is taught by a retired police officer who teaches you how to stay out of trouble.  Not only are you taught all of the basics of handguns, you are taught what to say,  what not to say, and what to do and what not to do after a deadly force incident.  The 16 hour course is only $179.00.

Your IL CCW license allows you to carry in 30 states.  This training also fulfills the requirement for the Florida CCW license which combined with the IL license gives you a total of 37 states that you can carry in!!!  We give you easy instructions on how to apply for Florida.

***** WE DO PRIVATE CLASSES!  Grab 3 or more of your friends and we will come to your residence or place of business and conduct a class.  You decide how long the sessions will be, as long as they add up to the state mandated 16 hours and all of the material is covered!  All you need is a large screen TV with an HDMI input.  Corporate pricing available.  Minimum for a private class is 4 students within 30 miles of travel from Mount Prospect, IL.  Minimum 6 students beyond 30 miles.  Down payments of $50 per student are mandatory.

We can also do private AR-15 classes!  Contact us for details.

What to bring:

Pistol or revolver of choice with holster.   NO AMMUNITION IN THE CLASSROOM!

Pistols and holsters can be shared by partners if you only have one.  If you need a firearm and/or holster, one will be provided to you at no extra cost!

Eye & Ear Protection range day.  We can provide them if you don’t have your own.

60 rounds of ammo on range day only.

FOID card (Firearm Owner ID) and State ID or Driver’s License (FOID is NOT required to take the class).

Cost of class is $179.00. This covers EVERYTHING you need except ammunition.  This does NOT include the state licensing fee of $150.00.

If you want fingerprints taken, it’s $65 additional. Fingerprints are NOT required, but it speeds up the application process.  Fingerprints will be taken on a classroom day. The fingerprint guy can also submit your entire application for an additional $40. These services are optional.

We will cover the following topics:

Safety Rules / Introductions – Paperwork / Expectations / CCW & FOID LAW / Firearm Basics (Functioning & Parts) / Handling / Safe Storage (Home & Auto) / Ammunition / Stances & Grip / Drawing From A Holster/ Malfunction Drills Mag. Changes / Cleaning & Maintenance / Police Interaction / True To Life Scenarios / Use Of Force Law / Castle Doctrine / Insurance & Liability / After The Incident & Much More!

As of 14 JAN 2016, we have our own State of IL approved CCW curriculum, ID# CCC15A0157. 


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